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A.D.KARIYEV, A.M. ZHUBANDYKOVA, Sh.B. KALBERGENOVA. On structural macrocomponents of student subjectivity

УДК 14.35.01

DOI: 10.51883/20704046_2020_5_132


On structural macrocomponents of student subjectivity

In this article, on the basis of theoretical analysis, the definition of the concept of «student subjectivity»is formulated. The authors define the subjectivity of a student as a personal quality that is capable of developing their educational activities, the ability to use their mental, personal, professional competencies, and experience in solving educational problems. The personality of such a student includes activity, independence, responsibility, initiative, selfregulation and strong-willed personality traits, self-development, motivation for educational activities. High development of the student’s subjectivity implies that the student is able to see the ultimate goal of professional activity and independently find rational ways to achieve and implement the goal. He is able to build an individual trajectory that helps to manage his own life and adequately compare the results of his activities in the educational process, while independently making adjustments on his life path. In addition, the article considers the macrostructure of student subjectivity. The composition of this macrostructure is proposed.

Keywords: subjectivity, student subjectivity, macrostructure, components.